Friday, June 11, 2010

123. SOLD "Make Change" -IF

123. SOLD

Growing up in Houston, family trips were frequent to Galveston. I have always been fascinated with Sand Dollars as a currency. Digging in sand bars you could find them buried in the sand - still alive with 100's of little feet they used to move around. It is sad to think so many sea creatures will be devastated by the oil spill. So take out 10 Sand Dollars and help make some change!

Howard Weliver is a Dallas-based Graphic Designer, Art Director, Fine Artist and Illustrator. Currently, he is working on his second generation of illustrative works that utilizes a mixed media technique of hand-drawn iconography with photos of textures and graffiti from around the world to produce original art for commercial uses. website

This is a digital image and can be reproduced, I will be doing a limited addition of 10 Giclee prints (singed and numbered) for ripple.

This will be marked SOLD @ 10 issues.

Each print is a $10 donation. See details at right.

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