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976-983 Melinda B - last Ripples


I've always had a particular passion for whimsical children’s illustrations, animals and fantastical beasts. I began drawing as a young child, brimming with wild images from my imagination. This creative expression grew into a genuine love of drawing, and eventually design and photography, and has blossomed into a personally rewarding and lucrative freelance career. The animal kingdom has been a great inspiration to me throughout my artistic life. How all the creatures of the world developed in their own unique way is just amazing to me, I am in awe of the natural living world. Life is the most beautiful art I have ever seen. At heart, I am an adventurer, traveler, and explorer of life. My artwork is intrinsically inspired and enriched by my life's experiences and adventures both at home and abroad. I am an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and an award winning, Signature member of the Colored Pencil Society of America.
My sketchcard artworks for Ripple are 2.5"x3.5" and were created with colored pencils, pen & ink, and gouache on several different surfaces including rag board, arches hot press watercolor paper, and colored & textured cardstock.

970-972. Star Light Star Bright

Star Light Star Bright
Jo Gershman is a children’s book illustrator living in the Seattle area.   Beyond the sadness and pain over the spill and its effects on wildlife, this project is especially important to her because her husband was born and raised in New Orleans.   These are original watercolor paintings are 3.5” square. 



973-975 John Deininger's amazing paintbrush

When not illustrating in a small Seattle apartment, I’m usually out in the wilds of ocean, grass, and mountain - overwhelmed by the big thing we are a small part of. The age, beauty, diversity, and power of the natural world is an endless inspiration for art and story - there is still so much we don’t understand! And my heart crushes when the natural world is run over by our human emotions of material-want and greed.

Thank you, Kelly, for giving artists and donors a wonderfully thoughtful (and beautiful) way to reach out and keep our inspiration alive!

The sketches are watercolor on Strathmore bristol, 5”x7”.

-John Deininger

Each card is available for a $10 donation. See details at right


Ripples Fading AWAY 9/30

Hey All. Ripple closes this Thursday. No more art is being accepted and no more sales after Thursday. I will do a rap up- Thanks!!

528, 529 & 530 The Birds Will Rise Again

528. Ibis

529. Pelican

530. Plover

Arthi Aravind is a Marketing/Environmental Policy student at the College of William & Mary. Art and nature have been her two passions since she was small and she is just starting to branch out into the world of illustration and graphic design. Her favorite mediums are colored pencil, brush pens, and watercolor, though she dabbles with both digital and vector art as well.
These sketch cards are about 4 inches wide. 
My links:
Each card is available for a $10 donation. See details at right.

527 SOLD Ocean Jar

Lisa Griffin is a professional illustrator who lives in New Hampshire. Her love of animals and nature is reflected in her work as well as her home. This card is an original pen and ink/watercolor illustration that has been signed by the artist. (watermark is digital only and does not appear on the actual card).

Each card is available for a $10 donation. See details at right.

526 Shark in the Waters

Art by Diane Lucas.

Each card is available for a $10 donation. See details at right.

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