Friday, June 4, 2010

12. 11. SOLDRoberta's and Charlotte's Cards

12. SOLD

Roberta Baird Roberta's Blog

Roberta is an artist who's art is always so cheery. Showing a different side- it's serious but still uplifting! Her card can be purchased for a $10.00 donation. See detals on the right.

11. SOLD

Charlotte Cheng Charlotte's Portfolio

Charlotte's card brings back the memory of another oil spill. I think these disasters that effect the animals terribly touch a very deep childhood part of us. her card can be purchased for a $10.00 donation. Please see the details on the right. Thanks.

Helping en plein air

17. SOLD

Amy Farrier lives near the Gulf in Texas. She took her watercolors to the coast this past weekend and painted. Moved by the beauty of the water birds- she's come to throw her pebble in the water. It's lovely isn't it?

Amy does watercolor so well. It only looks this simple when you really know what you're doing!

Amy's portfolio
Amy's blog

Amy's sketchcard can be yours for a $10 donation. Please see details to the right. Thanks a whole lot!

He Draws and Cooks and CARES


Nate Padavick is a great illustrator designer. I had the pleasure of joining in the fun over at "They draw and Cook". He was kind enough to join me here. Check out his work- sure to bring a smile and a tummy growl!

Studio SSS
They Draw and Cook

His sketch card is yours for a $10 donation. See the details to the right. Thanks.

Mini works of HeART.

15. SOLD

Karen Krings
Karen's blog

Karen's a wonderful illustrator- check out her work!

This card is hailing from Germany! The ripples can come from all directions....
(will take longer in the mail but soo worth the wait!)

New News and Cards

13. SOLD
Another place to donate. To help the dolphins, porpoises, whales and sea turtles , The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies. Adding this to The International Bird Rescue Research Center. A $10.00 donation to either will send you a 2.5" by 3.5" sketchcard. Thanks so much for helping to help out!

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