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No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

22. SOLD

Nancy Lennet sent in these two cards this evening. She spent the week working away on them. Thru computer glitches and art supply failures- she stayed the course 'cause she wanted to help. And that's Awesome. It's awesome in it's commitment. Small in scale- big in heart. These cards are actually 4" by 6".

Nancy was a NYC based animator who worked on commercials & preschool television before escaping to the wilds of Connecticut.
You can find out more about Nancy on her blog.

Each of these cards can be purchased for a $10 donation. See donation details to the right.

Ripple takes shape!


Suzanne Del Rizzo is an aspiring Children's book illustrator from Ontario Canada. "It breaks my heart watching the coverage on TV of the poor animals affected by the oil spill. I'm so glad to have come across your blog to be able to make a small contribution."

- I'm glad Suzanne did! I Hope all of you who come and enjoy this amazing work will think about donating!

This is a Plasticine illustration. (How cool is that???)) The card will be a picture taken of it. Suzanne will sign the back for you.

Suzanne's work can be seen HERE

This card is available for a $10 donation- see details at right.

Footprints in the sand


Sharon Wagner is a Minneapolis based artist and freelance illustrator. She spends her days creating whimsical and colorful paintings. Most of her work is inspired by her love of animals. But her gouache pieces, "Black foot prints in the sand" reflect a darker theme. They represent our personal imprint and responsibility with the oil industry.

-'Nuff said.

Please go see Sharon's work HERE and HERE

Each card is available for a $10 donation. Please see donation details at right.

Talent and caring run in the family!


Laura Burris enjoys painting, she also enjoys black ink and No. 2 pencil lead, as well as most other arts and crafts.
Bodies of water are some of her favourite places to spend time, whether reading, swimming, or soaking up sun.
She is thrilled to be able to support a helpful cause such as this because bringing hope to life is so important.

I'm so grateful that Laura tossed her pebbles in the water! Her cards are available for a $10 donation for each. See donation details to the right.

Laura is Priscilla Burris' daughter. You can see Priscilla's cards HERE

The ripples go Far!- Dutch ripples!


I'm a Dutch illustrator. I mainly work for childrens' books, magazines and television.
Most of the time I work with acrylic paint and pencils. Sometimes I use a bit of Photoshop.

Every day I read the latest news about the oil spill in the Dutch newspapers and on the internet.
Its so frustrating that the oil just keeps on flowing into to ocean.
I hope I can contribute a little bit by donating artwork.

Greets, Tineke.

-I thought Tienke's words were just right. I said it before- I'll say it again- The oceans divide us AND unite us. (it's a small world after all!;))

Hugs to Tienke! You can see Tienke's work HERE

Her card can be purchased (and patiently waited for cause it comes from far away) for a $10 donation. See details at the right.

They are confused - Why can't they fly?


Rebecca Gavney Driscoll lives in Wisconsin. She paints in watercolor and her choice subjects are animals of all kinds. --Becky really really loves animals. I know her work and that love shows. Pelicans are the face of this disaster. Their wide spread wings heavy - their gaping beaks... It is almost too much to see. But we can do SOMETHING- no matter how small. A small sketch- a small donation. Please help.

You can see more of her work on her website
and her blog

Innocence Lost


Amanda Makepeace is a visual artist with a passion for Nature. Her days are spent taking inspiration from the beauty in her own backyard. She lives in the Georgia countryside with her daughter and two cats. Amanda's work celebrates what is truly precious.

She titled this sketch "Innocence"

You can check out her work on her website!

These cards can be yours for a $10 each donation. See details on the right.

Katherine Blackmore was part of the Disney animation team that brought you The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Mulan, Lilo & Stitch and Brother Bear. Currently she teaches 2d animation at Full Sail University. She lives in Florida where each day in her backyard her cats are visited by tropical birds, lizards and snakes. Florida is just starting to feel the horrendous effects of the oil spill. She wanted to do her part - 4 small sketches to help. They make a lovely set. They are slightly larger- about 5" X 7".

Kathy does wonderful illustrations- a wizard with a pencil!! Please check out her work at her website

Any or ALL of her sketches can be purchased for a $10 donation each. See details to the right.

She didn't leave her heart in San Francisco- she's giving it to the Gulf

Christina Silverio is an artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She already donated and purchased Sara Burrier's beautiful mermaid card and came back to help! I'm so grateful.

Please check out Christina's work on her blog

Each of these cards can be purchased thru a $10 donation. See donation details to the right.

It's World Ocean's Day

50. SOLD

Denise Bory lives on the beach. She is my friend here in Long Island who also has a home in Kauai. She is an artist who fills her work with images of the coasts she lives on.

Please look at Denise's work Here.

Any of these cards can be yours for a $10 donation. See donation details to the right.

It's day 50 of the oiling of the Sea.


Roberta Baird Roberta's Blog

Roberta is an artist who's art is always so cheery. Showing a different side- it's serious but still uplifting! Her card can be purchased for a $10.00 donation. See details on the right.

The Beach is for kids and the kid inside.

48. SOLD

Sara Butcher-Burrier gives again as she creates worlds of her own with watercolor. And I want to move there! She loads a lot of emotion onto that brush.

Sara's gorgeous work is here.
Sara's blog

Sara's card can be purchased for a $10 donation. See the donation details to the right.

Helping out- it's addictive


Casey has felt the positive vibes of doing something and has come back with more sketchcards!!

Casey Girard is an illustrator in Boston, MA. If you go to her blog you'll see she already has a fascination with the sea. She's has sent us two cards.
You can see more of Casey's work Here

Each of Casey's sketchcards can be purcahsed for a $10.00 donation. See details to the right.

Across the Pond- they want to keep the Pond clean


Kerridwen Niner Is from England! She's inspired by friends who have decided to sketch for the Gulf animals. Think about it- the Sea belongs to no one and everyone -all over the world.

Check out Kerridwen's work at all of her sites!


This adorable sketcgcard can be yours for a $10 donation. See donation details on the right.

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