Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The ripples go Far!- Dutch ripples!


I'm a Dutch illustrator. I mainly work for childrens' books, magazines and television.
Most of the time I work with acrylic paint and pencils. Sometimes I use a bit of Photoshop.

Every day I read the latest news about the oil spill in the Dutch newspapers and on the internet.
Its so frustrating that the oil just keeps on flowing into to ocean.
I hope I can contribute a little bit by donating artwork.

Greets, Tineke.

-I thought Tienke's words were just right. I said it before- I'll say it again- The oceans divide us AND unite us. (it's a small world after all!;))

Hugs to Tienke! You can see Tienke's work HERE

Her card can be purchased (and patiently waited for cause it comes from far away) for a $10 donation. See details at the right.

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