Friday, June 11, 2010


Heather Stillufsen is an artist and full time mom to two wonderful little girls, a cat and a chocolate lab. She has always enjoyed drawing and painting, She has been drawing and making things since she was a little girl. Growing up, She spent her summers at the Jersey Shore, and the beach and the ocean are very dear to her.
The Gulf Catasrpohe is very sad, and every little bit of assistance is not only necessary, but She is sure appreciated.
She works mainly in watercolors and pen and ink. She draws and painst in a whimsical style, which She hopes you enjoy.
To see more of her work, visit her blog

Each card is a $10 donation- see details to the right


  1. Love the bottle one!

  2. I received my bottle today! I love it so much, and I got a sweet print with it, too!! Thanks Heather!


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