Friday, June 11, 2010

Don't let the Shells fall Silent "THE SET" -Can we keep them-together,and raise $50?


I've told my daughter the story of the "Shell phones". When you pick up a sea shell - and hear the sound of the ocean- that's the dial tone of the shell phone- Your direct line to the life of the oceans. When she was younger, I would catch her- along the beach or in her room-shell to ear saying "Hello?" - (sometimes she'd have conversations- with what or who?- ;) We're just now getting thru wizards,fairies and unicorns)

I'm not too old to use my imagination and believe that we have a bit of the sea captured in sea shells. I love shells and you'll find them all over the place here in my house in Long Island. I call them nature's jewelry. And if we did have a direct line to those creatures of the sea right now- Wouldn't we help?

Kelly Light is an Illustrator living in Long Island and part time in Amherst,MA. Her first book is coming out this Fall.
You can see her work on her website and her blog. These cards are available for a $10 donation. See details on the right.

This would make a great set! 5 little paintings for you - $50 for the Gulf animals!!!!


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