Monday, June 14, 2010

The Mermaids will do what they can


Penny Noble

Hello this is Penny Noble. I am an artist of all mediums living in Manhattan Beach Ca. I hold the Oceans and all of their creatures in high esteem. This oil spill is so catastrophic that I can not wrap my mind around it. The thought that my art work will in some small way help to make it better makes me smile. I hope to some day illustrate a children's book. Lets hope there are still some creatures in the sea to draw and tell about! The actual art work I have done is 5 3/4 inches tall by 4 1/4 inches wide. It is acrylic on acid free bristol board. Thank you for the opportunity to help maybe this should be an on going thing. I know I would participate as much as I could.
I don't have any links but you can find me on facebook with some examples of my art work.
Thanks again Penny

Each card is available for a $10 donation. See details at right


  1. Penny,
    These mermaids are adorable! Have you ever thought of having a show off more of your work -?
    The top one is my favorite!

  2. I'm so proud of you!!!

    Thank you for your work. I love it. And you know I have many pieces on my walls.... :)


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