Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's not about the corporation or the politicians- it's about the animals

Mohita Iyer

" I am humbled by this effort to be charitable and not angry in the face of what is happening in the Gulf. I had felt helpless and very affected by this disaster, but I feel like this is the appropriate action for me to take as an artist. It is folks like this who put this blog together that make the difference between just watching the news and 'feeling' the news. I dont have to feel helpless anymore. Praying that the earth is stronger and more forgiving than us.... "

I am an aspiring children's illustrator and author and a mom to an almost-two-year old boy. I am a nature-lover and wished I could do more to be an environmentalist. I am determined to bring an appreciation of our fragile world to my son so that hopefully future generations don't make the same mistakes we have made.
I live in Hanover, NH


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