Thursday, June 24, 2010

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Melissa Connolly is a writer, editor, and aspiring artist who lives in Washington, DC. Her pen and ink drawings always include the cats she's known throughout her life: The Mother Kitty, Gordon, Simon, Comet, Ashes, Norman, B.J., and Tigerlily. This weekend, they all helped out with the oil spill cleanup. Like everyone, The Mother Kitty was devastated by the images of the pelicans smothered in oil. She got straight to work! (Comet got a hug from one that he was helping.) Gordon made a new friend he found slithering nearby, while Ashes and B.J. dealt with the shellfish. She had a feisty conversation with the crabs, and he polished off some clams. (Some happy shrimp looked on after their baths.) Simon and Norman were the only ones willing to go into the water. Simon's swam with dolphins, and Norman scouted the deep for any fishes in trouble. (Right now, he's amid some safe schools.) Lily, meanwhile, learned lots from her new friend, Turtle, who is years and years and years older than she is--and all of us!

You can find more of Melissa's Kitties on her blog

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