Monday, August 2, 2010

Greetings From La La Land!!

Hi Everybody!!

This is Kelly and I am out here in Los Angeles for the SCBWI Summer 2010 conference.  I have been here since Friday- and ran the sale of Dan Santat's beautiful card from here. Thanks to Dan for being so generous with his time and talent. I got to thank him in person and hope he pardons my geek-out when meeting him. I have been away from running things but will be home tomorrow night. My team of helpers have held down the fort for me- Thanks Nina, Nicole, Bonnie, Gina and Anna.
I had a moment yesterday out here during a session with the amazing illustrator E.B. Lewis. He brought up the oil spill and said- "What are we as artists going to do about it?"  (I'm paraphrasing...)  He went on to say "My father said there are 3 kinds of people- Sub Humans, Humans, and Super Humans". "Sub Humans are like Hitler or Osama Bin laden- people who do harm, cause pain and suffering.""Humans are people who exist- but don't do anything- don't act - don't stand up and make a difference." "Super Humans are the ones who say "I will not sit by and do nothing""They are the ones who try to make a difference."  -  I burst into tears. Like a fool... I hope he didn't notice...
I have been so busy running this- the absolute SCALE of what Ripple has done- what it has become- and what it continues to do-  hadn't hit me until then. As I sniffed and calmed down- my friend Amy Farrier- quietly said, "Kelly Light- super human" -and the tears flowed again.
This is so much more then me - I met at least  a dozen of the artists here in L.A. that have given art to Ripple. Artists like Kim Fleming from Australia and Linda Silvestri, Woody Miller , Frank Hanson- and so many others.  I got to stand up and describe Ripple in a breakout session with illustrator Priscilla Burris - and many more illustrators have expressed an interest in doing art for Ripple.
So- Ripple's ripples are going strong. We can start to feel optimistic that the well will be filled in with cement and killed but the animal impact isn't going away- so neither will we. We will keep sketching and helping the animals of the Gulf. Because we are artists and we are super humans.


  1. You have done something so amazing, and you have helped so many other people contribute to the same simple act of goodness.
    If I could, I would give you a round of applause, a standing ovation, and a great big hug. Your commitment has done so much. Keep moving mountains, woman!

  2. Yep. Kelly Light is super-human! I'm giving you a standing o along with Jenny.

  3. There is a 'ripple' of thanks due to Kelly for allowing us to all play a part in being super humans, as least for a moment. Thank you Kelly for sticking with your idea even as it escalated beyond imagination, and became a big part of your every day. And many thanks too for your helpers behind the scenes. Not only has it brought help to animals, but it gave hope to all of us.

  4. Aww, you made me get all choked up! I'm standing too! (You need to get a cape and a SH t-shirt!) :)

  5. I feel like I need to go paint something. And for ripple of course. Go Super Humans!

  6. You are an awesome superhumanwoman. SHW for short. Thanks for all you are doing to promote awareness, gather needed funds and make it enjoyable for the artists who participate. HUGE HUGS!

  7. It's a great thing you're doing and the opportunities you have given our community to reach out and make a difference, is immeasurable. I wish I would have run into you during the conference so I could thank you in person. Thank you, super-human Kelly!

  8. Wish I could have gone to the conference to meet you and all the other artists! Thanks for continuing to do what you do!

  9. Thanks again, Kelly, for making it possible for us to take a small part in the superhumaness! Also, it was so great to finally hang out with you and have some laughs at the conference. Soon we'll be attending a conference where you will be doing a keynote speech!

  10. Awesome...your vision and dedication are superhuman, Kelly. Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

  11. You guys are all super humans too - We are like the Justice League of America and I am just Gleep pushing all of the buttons.

  12. Kelly the superhuman for sure. We are sending you three ripples of thank yous from this house. Thank you for what you brought to us and the animals of the gulf. It has been a blessing to be a part of Ripple, thank you for having the strength to put/bring it all together.


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