Tuesday, August 3, 2010

879. SOLD880.SOLD 684. Extreme Makeover

879. SOLDYucky Muck

880.SOLD Extreme Makeover


My name is Adrienne Seet and I am an illustrator and TV producer living in Oslo, Norway. I'm contributing two more cards for the Ripple effort and I hope that my small effort helps the world and the ocean in some way. "Mamma, we are surrounded" is an original 4" x 6" illustration that is still up for donation.

My latest contributions - "Yucky Muck" and "Extreme Makeover" - are original illustrations done in watercolour and ink on Canson watercolor paper, measuring approximately 4" x 6". Prints are also available for $10 donations and for sale on my blog site http://littlepixyboots.blogspot.com upon request.

Each card is available for a $10 donation. See details at right.

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