Friday, July 16, 2010

Power out - JJK cards

JARRETT'S CARDS- I'm up here at our 250 year old fixer upper in MA. We've had some storms roll through. The power went out @ 6:30 and is back on now @ 8:18. I will go by the time stamp on the email and tell each person who won. Sorry for this unforeseen seen hiccup. Now I'm off to the emails- Kelly

UPDATE: THE WINNERS HAVE BEEN CONTACTED_ AND TOLD TO CC ME THEIR DONATIONS....If you didn't hear from me- I'm sorry- you didn't get one of JJK's awesome cards. I had so many emails- I can't respond to each one. Thanks for coming out in such numbers- Jarrett's work is certainly worth it!!  Thanks to JJK for these wonderful water colors!

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