Monday, July 19, 2010

Kelly's Monday July 19th Ripple Update

Hi Everybody!

Today- we are hoping the cap is working and the well gets killed. I promised myself to run Ripple for as long as the oil spilled. I'm not going to jump to conclusions so I wait- and hope it has stopped the flow of oil into the Gulf. If the cap has worked- I will strive to meet a goal of $10,000.00 raised for the groups working to help the animals of the Gulf. The innocent victims of this disgusting disaster. The plan is to go through September. I will let everyone know how things are shaping up then as we watch the situation progress in the Gulf.

I have added "The Sea Turtle Conservancy" to the donation list. People are working hard to delicately dig up- safely pack and transport sea turtle nests to the east coast of Florida. There they will bury them along the beaches to hatch. There are surely no guarantees this will work- but it's a chance for life which is more than they have in the Gulf.  If you feel moved by their efforts- please direct your donation to their site.

Jarrett Krosoczka's cards were as popular as they are charming! Thanks to JJK - he's been a big help behind the scenes- make sure to check out his summer "Lunch Lady" title "The Summer Camp Shakedown!"

Up ahead tonight - Ripple has Priscilla Burris who is the Illustration Coordinator for the SCBWI. She is a fabulous illustrator and much of Ripple would not have been possible without her help. I am fortunate to belong to a group of illustrators "The Sketchables" along with Priscilla and our art will go up later today before Priscilla's. Look for it all.

Wednesday is Matt Phelan- Author/Illustrator of The Storm in the Barn.  It's a lovely sketch. All week more great art from the heart to help the animals of the Gulf.

As always- Thank you all for helping me- to help the animals. Thanks to my helpers - behind the scenes and the 800+ artists!

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