Tuesday, March 22, 2011

British Artists Auction for Japan

There is No Cavalry

Blog and details HERE

"I’m putting on an exhibition / auction of UK and Irish creative work to raise funds for victims of the tsunami.
Artists include: writers, photographers, designers and illustrators from the advertising industry who are kindly donating work to be auctioned/sold.
I have already received the first piece for the exhibition – a beautiful poem by Irish poet, Patrick Chapman.
I’ve had lots of very positive feedback, offers of help, and advice on how to put on an exhibition!
If anyone out there wants to donate some artwork, please drop me a line. It can either be something bespoke, related to the disaster, or something from your archives. Or, if you know someone else you think might want to help, send them this post.
The medium isn’t important either. It could be: a painting, illustration, photograph, poem, prose, haiku, graphic design etc.
What it must be: is something that you think someone else might want to put on their wall.
The main goal for this is to raise money for the people of Japan." -David Milligan-Croft

The Japan Art Auction. Thursday 7th April. Studio Manchester. Buy a ticket please.


  1. Thank you for adding this auction link to the Ripple.

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