Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Closing Day

Ripple closes tonight at midnight. We are at $10, 930.00 raised for the animals of the Gulf!!! We may not reach $11,000.00 but we have reached around the world and back to the oily waters off of Louisiana.

I'm so proud of what we all did. I will rap up and close down tomorrow!  -Kelly


  1. You left this part out, so I will say it for you...

    It was all because of YOU lady! You did something amazing beyond imaginable... You. :o)

    So thank you.


  2. WOW, I am SO happy you made this happen Kelly. Seeing how you have inspired people - and myself - is nothing short of inspirational in itself.. I know it was a ton of work on your part, and I commend you for it. You're AWESOME!

  3. Congratulations! Glad to have been a small part of such a great community effort.

  4. Congratulations Kelly! That's an amazing achievement and thanks for the opportunity to contribute in a very small way:)

  5. It was awesome to see the ripple spread so far and so fast - you created an amazing way for artists and art-appreciators to pull together for the creatures in need. Thank you so much, Kelly for all of your hard work!

  6. Thanks for all you've done, Kelly! Congratulations to you and thank you to all the artists!

  7. Thank you Kelly for all your time and efforts! I now know that indeed a small ripple can help in a large and important way! I feel lucky to have been able to take part in this ARE pretty terrific!

  8. Congratulation for everything's you did:)It's been a pleasure to partecipate:)

  9. Thank you for all the hard work and giving us the chance to do something to help.
    You are right to be proud, what you have achieved is amazing!!

  10. Kelly you did an amazing job putting this project together! I am so glad I was able to have a small part in helping. Thank You~

  11. Kelly, thank you so much for your insight, inspiration, and hard work putting all this together. You are an amazing super human!! I enjoyed looking at new art each day and being a part of this process. Kudos!!!

  12. Hey Kelly

    As you may have heard, my hometown - the city of Christchurch, NZ, was recently devastated by an earthquake. Because I thought this blog was an excellent idea, I have decided to start one of my own to raise money (via Red Cross). I hope you do not mind. If you do, please let me know asap, as I intend it to "go live" on friday.


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