Thursday, August 12, 2010


Ripple has passed it's goal of raising $10,000.00 to help the organizations cleaning the animals of the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill!!

This afternoon - I did the math (it took awhile) and it is true!! We are already over the goal. Wow.

I can not Thank all of you enough for this effort! What small acts can do when we do them together! As a thank you to all of you who gave your art and your heart with a donation - I did this quick 8 X 10 illustration. If you email - 20 Prints are available as my Thank You to any of you who helped who would like one.

So what's next for Ripple? We go out with a BANG! - We run through September. Teachers have asked to do this with their students when school starts. September 19th - I will be at the Eric Carle Museum working on art for the volunteers with the kids in the studio. More details on that to follow...  And!!! We still have lots of great art coming in, beautiful art is already waiting to help the animals of the Gulf. We will be bumping up all of the great art that flew past too fast to sell in the early days. I will probably announce when the end of Ripple is in sight but let's not dwell on that- Let's celebrate what we've done and work to do some more! Though the oil is no longer spilling, the birds and mammals and sea turtles still need our help and the volunteers are still tirelessly working to give them a chance at life.

Thanks so much guys!-Kelly


  1. Thank you, Kelly! I'm happy to be a part of your ripple and here's to hoping it turns into a wave.

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  3. Good work Kelly! Good work all!
    - AZ

  4. Hooray! Congrats Kelly and Ripple :)

  5. Good Job Kelly. I love the fact that this great amount of money was made by small increments.Just go to show what good things come in small packages. You Rock!

  6. A large achievement that hopefully gets its due recognition. Be very proud and know everyone else is proud of you! Thanks for asking me to be a part of it.

  7. Wooo hooo!!! Kellyl, you are awesome! Y'all are awesome!

  8. Wonderful! You've really done an amazing job.

  9. I'm feeling a little teary-eyed. What a good thing you've accomplished Kelly with those little sketch cards, way back when the oil began spilling. I'm proud to know you and so happy that I was allowed to be a part of this project!

  10. Congratulations Kellie for beginning the ripple !!!!!

  11. Awesome! So proud of you for taking this on. YOU made a difference in the world, Kelly!!! Way to go! :)

  12. Way to go Kelly, what an awesome awesome achievement. and yay to the illustration community!


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