Saturday, August 14, 2010

937. soldGulf Pelican


My name is Aimée van Drimmelen and I'm a freelance illustrator based in Montreal who works in pen & ink. I have a deep respect for the natural world and it's creatures.

About the piece: This image was directly inspired by the gulf oil spill. Painted in July 2010 on a recuperated 22" drumskin (see my website for more on this), it was part of Drawing Expo 2010 at Galerie Rye in Montreal. It depicts a brown pelican flying out of the water. I found myself getting very emotional while painting this because pelicans are my favourite bird, they are huge, gorgeous and majestic. Watching them flying and fishing is one of my favourite activities (we have white ones in Canada). Seeing images of these creatures floating up dead on the shores of the gulf, saturated with oil has broken my heart. But I wanted to stay as positive as possible with this illustration. This pelican has survived, but there is still fear or anger in its eyes. It is determined and will overcome this stupid preventable mistake. My only hope is that humanity can learn a lesson from this tragedy and do the same.

This beautiful illustration is available for a $10 donation. See details at right.

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