Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This is Eastern time (I'm in N.Y.)

Thursday July 1st Tom Warburton @ 7:00pm

Friday July 2nd Janeen Mason @ 6:30pm
Susan Miller 7:00 pm

Monday July 5th Aaron Zenz @ 6:30pm
Vanessa Brantley Newton @ 7:00pm

Wed July 7th Mo Willems @ 6:30 pm - 8:30pm 4 cards available: 1@ each half hour.

Friday July 9th Stephen Silver @ 7:30 pm

Monday July 12th Stephen Marchesi @ 6:30pm

Wed July 14th Mo Willems Strikes Back @ 6:30pm - 8:00pm 4 cards:1 @ each half hour

Other artists to come: Dan Santat, Jarrett Krosoczka, Jeff Newman, Pascal Campion, Corey Godbey, Don Tate and many more surprises...

Some of the greats may not be household names yet but are no less great. They have many books published - give of their time in mentoring - environmental activism - promoting literacy for kids - and many are just so darn good! They have given their time and talent to help the animals of the Gulf.

This schedule may be tweaked as more cards come in. Check back often to make sure you have the time to try to get one you would like.


We will be asking a $50 donation - for each of these cards. $50 for the 50 states of this nation that want to see the oil stop gushing into the Gulf.

TO BUY A "GREAT AMERICAN ILLUSTRATOR" CARD: At posting the scheduled posting time (not before) the FIRST person to send an inquiry to: stating card name - artist name and number and get a response that it is yours must THEN go donate to one of the Non Profits and send the copy of the confirmation a.s.a.p.. We will mark the card "HOLD" and when we receive the confirmation we will mark the card "SOLD". We will only hold for one hour. Do not donate before inquiring first. Donate after being told it is yours. We'll have a lot of people wanting the same card. It's first come- first serve here on Ripple- just be the first to say "I WANT THAT SKETCH!!!" - then be quick about the donation and confirmation. All information must be included- the artist, the card, the number. And you must send all of your info with the confirmation and we must see proof of a $50 donation -not just the confirmation number. Your address must be included also. It will be sent to the artist to mail the card out to you.

We are checking time stamps on emails. Think the opposite of "The Price is Right"- You can be over but not under. 6:31 is fine. 6:29 is not. I can't say it enough- no pre-sales. It is first come - first serve. I will announce the winner ASAP!

As always- it's just me here- please be patient. You can ask me questions - Thanks all!! -Kelly


  1. Kelly, what time zone are these times for?

  2. My daughter, Harmony, met Janeen Mason in person, when she was a winner in a local library bookmark contest. She was so funny and so sweet! Best of all, Harmony was even more inspired to continue creating after meeting her. :)

  3. I call Janeen my "Fairy Godmother of Illustration" she's the tops!

  4. Awesome concept and so wonderful that all of these amazing artists are contributing their efforts to help the animals. Thanks so much Kelly for organizing and spearheading such a great effort!

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