Sunday, June 6, 2010

Illustrating the harsh reality thru fantasy


Sara Butcher-Burrier creates worlds of her own with watercolor. And I want to move there! She loads a lot of emotion onto that brush. Her card "Invader" is so much more than a sketch - it's a story.

Sara's gorgeous work is here.
Sara's blog

Sara's card can be purchased for a $10 donation. See the donation details to the right.


  1. So many of us are feeling helpless about this whole situation. Bravo for taking action and in such a beautiful way! The pastor at my church gave his sermon on the importance of all of us being good stewards and doing what we can starting with prayer and including looking more seriously at our use of resources.
    This is another excellent way of being a good steward. Thank you!

  2. HI Kelly...just posted this to my art card blog and will be sending out word to our members as well.

  3. Thanks Jennifer!! It is a stunner!


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