Saturday, June 5, 2010

Even though the sea separates us, it's what unites us

23. SOLD
25. SOLD

Alicia Padron is a published illustrator living in Venezuela. I've told her, her art is like a hug. I'm right, right?? And those hugs come from her kids too. Who each did a card also. The one who did the great sea turtle is 12. The one who painted the dolphin sunset is 8. A talented family!- and caring too.

Because Alicia and her family live so far- These will be digital prints. I have high res files and will print them out on archival paper w/ a scanned Thank you note from Alicia.

You can check out Alicia's work at her website and her blog.

Each card can be purchased for a $10 donation. See donation details to the right.

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