Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You Gotta Have Heart!!!!

"You Gotta Have Heart- All you really need is heart- when the odds are sayin you'll never win- that's when the grinnin should start- You gotta have hope- mus'nt sit around and mope..... Not a solitary sigh can you hear- Mr. 'cause we've got hope......"

I love that song from "Damn Yankees".  It speaks to what we're doing here at Ripple. Faced with a situation that seems hopeless -  you go out and keep going- with hope.  We grab a pencil- a paint brush - a stylus and do what we do - we draw. We draw for the birds and the dolphins and the sea turtles and for the beach covered with 1000 dead hermet crabs.

Then other people holding on to hope come and see the art and donate with their hearts. They write me how happy they are when the sketches arrive in their mail boxes!! I love to hear it.  Write me if you can - maybe I can post some up here.

The people cleaning the animals run on hope. They've released 473 rehabilitated birds - hoping for their healthy lives ahead of them. People are carefully digging up Sea Turtle eggs and moving them to the East Coast of Florida -in the hopes of giving the hatchlings a chance at a nice long sea turtle life. They do it on hope - we do it on hope. How can we not?

It's the 84th day of the oil spill. There's a cap on now- Let's hope it works. Let's hope it stops. Let's keep hoping.

We've got Mo Willems again this Wednesday night! -all kinks worked out of my crazy system!
Friday night it's Jarrett Krosoczka and his awesome ripples!
Sprinkled all thoughout - amazing works by other great artists - make sure to follow the links to all of their other work.

I have to Thank all of my helpers on Ripple again- Bonnie, Nina, Nicole and Anna. 

And a big THANKS to all of you who give me hope. -  Kelly

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  1. Keep up the great work Kelly + helpers. I thought I'd share this TED talk about the Gulf Oil Spill: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gouSXt2zE4

    The images are heart-wrenching. . but it sure does multiply my motivation to help!!


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