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Hi Everyone!!!!! It is Monday morning- June 28th. As I sit here and type- we are passing the $6,000.00 raised mark. I am amazed and grateful and awed by what we as artists have done- 1 sketch at a time.

This effort started with a small group at it's heart of children's Illustrators who are friends of mine- and I owe each and everyone of them a hug. For the next month of July - Ripple is going to spotlight some other children's illustrators - that you probably know and love. (I know I do) I perused my book shelves to decide who to ask.... and SCBWI has been a wonderful support as well.

"Great American Illustrator" Month - The cards that will be spotlighted are by illustrators who, having already established themselves as amazing artists and writers and animators - have chosen to throw their pebble in and make a ripple. Also -in this patriotic month of July- we will be asking a $50 donation - for these spotlighted cards. $50 for the 50 states of this nation that want to see the oil stop gushing into the Gulf.

The $10 cards will keep posting- nothing changes with them. The $50 cards will be posted on Mondays - Wednesdays and Fridays.

TO BUY A SPOTLIGHTED CARD: (Here's the difference) The FIRST person to send an inquiry and get a response that it is yours must THEN go donate to the one of the Non Profits and send the copy of the confirmation a.s.a.p.. We will mark the card "HOLD" and when we receive the confirmation we will mark the card "SOLD". Do not donate first and send the confirmation. We'll have a lot of people wanting the same card. It's first come- first serve here on Ripple- just be the first to say "I WANT THAT SKETCH!!!" - then be quick about the donation and confirmation.

I think I've mentioned this before- as a result of Ripple, I get personal reports from a woman at the IBRRC. She said it takes 3 bottles of Dawn Dish Detergent to wash one bird. $10 buys 3 bottles of Dawn. We have raised enough to buy 2,000 bottles of dawn - cleaning a potential 668 birds. (it's all figurative) - BUT- it puts it in perspective. We can help keep these two non profits in supplies. As the oil continues to flood the waters and endanger and damage so many species of wildlife - we do what we can. And we do it together.

It's exciting for me to see who's coming! I know it will be exciting for you too! - KELLY


  1. I want to thank the artist who did the amazing sketch that I purchased. His name is Jacob Haynes; how do I get in touch with him ?

    Thanks !

  2. email I'll connect you- Kelly

  3. Dude. What happened to all the comments? I am cracking up at the fact that you had to put "don't try to preorder" at the top! LOL!

  4. I'm gonna keep bumping this up - so people can read the rules

  5. Wow Kelly, that is awesome! Thanks for continuing to do all this on your time.

  6. $6000! That's such great news! Thanks again to you, Kelly, and all who are involved.

  7. This is so cool! I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see them!


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